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With knowledge and experience of Search Engines, and the ability to include 'meta-tags', your website pages can be optimized or completely redesigned by Simplybadger to achieve better results.

Please be aware that this is not a full or guaranteed search engine placement service, but is an effective optimisation of your pages to help achieve better rankings.

Each of the sites programmed by Simplybadger are Search Engine friendly. Please see the SEARCH ENGINES page for more information.

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The rules and regulations to register your website are different for each Search Engine. It is difficult to get good results. Getting your company in the right section of each Search Engine is essential, manual submissions are the only way. Simplybadger can handle all submissions to Search Engines, Website Directories and Portals that are relevant to your company. 'Submission Wizards' are NOT USED - these potentially put you on to many Search Engines that you do not want to be included in, and may also cause the more popular Search Engines to reject the website.

You can go one step further and enquire about "gateway pages" if you want to achieve better results. These are effectively home pages on separate domains that attract people to the same website for different reasons. They are not redirects.

Your company or product can be promoted on the Internet even if you do not have a website. There are so many Portals, Directories and Search Engines with millions of hits that should be listing your details, and could bring much more business your way. Phoneor email for more information.
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