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Your website can be as small or as large as you would like, therefore it is difficult to include a complete list of costs. All customers are treated as individuals so that the end result not only suits your needs but also suits your budget. Every account starts with a free consultation, in which you can express what you expect from your website presence and can be advised.

Website Addresses (Domain Name) and Hosting

If you have already reserved your website address, it can usually be worked with very easily. All the technical issues related will be dealt with accordingly.

Many people do not realise that there is a difference between simply REGISTERING a website address (domain name) and HOSTING the site. You can reserve a domain hosted with an excellent ISP at good prices through Simplybadger Website Design

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Website Design - Web Site Price Guide


Charges are £25 for each standard page in your website. However, costs depend on how many pages you want, the design and the content of those pages. Website pages can be as large as you want them to be, so for this price 1 standard page is limited to about 400 words with 3 images, which would produce a nicely sized, interesting page that does not bore your audience!

Enquiry forms, news pages, and pop up windows are all in a different price bracket and does depend on your needs. Please do get in touch for more information.

Alternatively work can be completed per hour so that you can suggest a budget to work to. You can be kept up to date as work is in progress.

A website does not have to be expensive. You could have a very simple page with your contact details. You can then build on this over time.

The initial meeting is free.

Updates and Maintenance

The majority of clients have their websites updated regularly. Depending on your audience, it is a good idea to update about once a month to keep people coming back, and give information to existing visitors.

You can have updates on a regular basis, or simply when something interesting happens..

Hourly rate is £15.


It is difficult to get good results on the Search Engines these days, as there are so many companies on the net, however each page designed by Simplybadger will be Search Engine friendly and most have good results after being networked on the Internet over time. Your website can be pushed through the Internet by getting links from other sites that are relative, or on Search Engines. Hourly rate is £15
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