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Simplybadger Website Design offers a choice of hosting with your chosen name.

If you have already reserved your website address, it can usually be worked with very easily. All the technical issues related will be dealt with accordingly.

Many people do not realise that there is a difference between simply REGISTERING a website address and HOSTING the site.

When you REGISTER a domain you buy the rights to it, but you cannot do a lot with it. You need to buy WEB SPACE, usually from the same people that you registered your name with. It is basically buying space on a computer where your files can sit, and be accessed by others.

The first box here displays the prices to buy your website address ONLY.

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Website Address (URL)

Minimum of two year registration period. VAT included.

The prices for a domain may be more than others you have seen on the net, but the company that I use have fantastic technical support, and provide webmail and web statistics with each package. Talk to me about your worries.

Prices / £11.74 .com / .net / .org £29.36
  .info / .biz £23.49 / £58.74
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